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As I am running our first session of beginners crocheting this Friday, I thought I'd tell you why I first learned to crochet. As a knitwear designer finishing off knitted garments is a key element of creating beautiful knitwear so I started discussing with my Great Auntie's what methods they used. My Auntie Margaret preferred to crochet and has made beautiful crocheted garments. Inspired by her knowledge of crocheting, I found it was a great way to create a professional finish to knits and also create 3D flowers for accessories and embellishment. The first item I ever crocheted was a baby blanket as a gift. The pattern used in the same pattern that we will be using in the ‘Beginners Crocheting’ course. The pattern uses a selection of the basic stitches in a simple easy to follow repeat, so that it is easy to get the hang of.

I have also found in the past that crocheting can be easy to create your own shapes and build them together to create unique fabrics. Whilst interning in London I was asked to crochet a floral design, made up of a range of 2D and 3D flowers linked together with leaves to create a sample which would be developed in to an evening gown.

Once you understand the basics crocheting is a great method of creating your own experimental fabrics.

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