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We offer a wide range of activities, to help boost your technology cariculum. Each activity has been designed to delevelop creativity and a knowledge of textiles. 

Electronics in textiles


A day course looking at how electonics have developed in textiles.

You will be given the opportunity to create your own circuit into a textile product using conductive threads, LEDs and textile switches.


This course is great for teachers who would like to learn a new skill for the classroom or we can come into your school and run a workshop with the students for you.

This course is suitable for year 5 and up.

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Learn Pattern Cutting for GCSE


A jam packed day developing and honing your pattern cutting skills in the key areas which your students will need. 

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Pattern Cutting For A-level- Textiles Technology


A Day course or series of lessons in school teaching students basic pattern cutting, so that they gain an understanding of creating bespoke patterns. This will enable them to create their own simple bodice designs and gain an insight in to pattern making.


£300 per day



Teacher Play Days- Textiles Technology


A full training day looking at a range of projects and skills that can be introduced into schools. The day will cover fun topics, easy to follow methods and skills to develop textiles skill for you're students. the aim is to enable you to be confident at incorporate the new projects in to your classroom.

Course notes and break down instructions will be provided on the day.


£120 per person

4-10 people per course

Refreshments provided


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