Lancaster Comedy & Arts Weekend

Lancaster Comedy & Arts 2016 is on 28th May-30th May. Come and take part in the crafts & comedy events taking part all over Lancaster. With a wide variety of artist and craft makers displaying their work all around the city from the Castle all the way through town to St Nicolas's Arcade.

Get involved with the arts trail and discover new places around the city.


Incandescence Couture supports a wide range of creative craft makers in our gift shop from around Lancaster. Many of our makers will be showcasing more of their work at the stalls during the Comedy & Arts Festival. This is a great opportunity to meet such creative and inspirational people and get to know more about the processes behind their work. T find out more about our makers CLICK HERE


At Incandescence Couture we are also holding a selection of craft activities for adults and kids to get involved.

You can either pre book your activity and time slot below or just drop in and book on the day.

Workshop:1 Flower making - Create a beautiful flower from fabrics, Felt or ribbons. The flowers can be used to make jewellery, wear in your hair or decorate your scarves or clothes. 
We use these beautiful flowers to decorate some of the wedding dresses and evening gowns in the shop.

During the session you will learn to make one fabric flower, all materials will be provided. 

Suitable for 8 years plus £3.00 
Sessions start at 11:00-12:00 & 14:00-15:00 



Work Shop 2: Pom-Pom Friends. Create cute Pom-Pom creatures in all shapes and sizes. Each participant will be given the chance to make one pom-pom creature, all the materials will be provided. A maximium of 10 per session.  

Ages 5 years plus £3.00
Sessions start at 12:00-13:00 & 15:00-16:00