Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower?

We offer a range of craft activities which enable you and your friends to create unique gifts for your baby.

Project 1:  Make  personalised bunting for the babies room. Each friend makes a piece of bunting to add to the finished piece. An original party that makes it unique and special for you.

All fabric and materials will be provided.


Project 2: Create a patch work quilt. Each of your friends embelishes their own section of the the quilt, which we will then put together to make a unique and personal patchwork quilt for your baby.


Time: 12am-4pm.

Price: £40 per person.

Maximium number of people: 10

Includes a glass of Pims or non-alcoholic drinks (for the Mum-to-be)


Please contact us by calling or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to organise your special event.